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Cleaner energy starts from the ground up

We’re not just growing crops, we’re growing the future of energy

Our mission is to replace over 130 million gallons of petroleum diesel with ultra-low carbon intensity biofuel by 2030, and that’s just the beginning. Through our strategic partnership with Shell, a global leader in the energy industry, we provide locally grown camelina oilseed to be refined into renewable diesel. Together, we aim to reduce carbon emissions in aviation, maritime, and heavy-duty transport while promoting sustainable agricultural practices. This unique collaboration combines Shell’s extensive resources with our agricultural expertise to create a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.

Our process begins by partnering with local farmers to cultivate camelina, a versatile oilseed crop ideal for producing renewable diesel. The grain from this remarkable plant seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure and can be processed into both an advanced biofuel and a highly nutritious supplement for animal feed, reducing overall waste. The renewable diesel produced is chemically identical to petroleum diesel, has up to 80% lower carbon emissions, and requires no engine modification to be used in existing vehicles. By scaling biofuel derived from camelina oil, we can start achieving our climate goals today and bridge the gap to future technological advancements.

Beyond sustainable transportation, we believe that cleaner energy starts from the ground up. Camelina is not only an ideal source of biofuel, but also a regenerative cover crop designed to protect and revitalize farmland during idle or fallow periods between traditional food crop cycles.  A core practice in sustainable agriculture, cover crops improve soil health, mitigate erosion, and enhance biodiversity. Unfortunately, many farmers face challenges in fully implementing cover crops due to the cost of crop establishment and the lack of immediate returns. Our partnership with local farmers provides an additional revenue source that offsets those costs and incentivizes this sustainable agricultural practice. With each crop, we fuel renewable transportation solutions and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agricultural landscape.

Join us in growing the future of energy, one harvest at a time. 

Camelina Rosettes

Camelina Rosettes

Field of Camelina in Bloom

Camelina in Bloom

Camelina Mature

Ready to Harvest


Corporate Headquarters

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