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A collection of agronomy guides, articles, research, and other resources on camelina

USDA Winter Camelina Cover Crop Fact Sheet for Iowa, April 2024

Agriculture Marketing Resource Center: Camelina, February 2022

Winter Camelina Crop Profile, University of Wisconsin-Madison Support Extension, No Date

Camelina Nutrient Management Guide for the Pacific Northwest, Oregon State University Extension Service, February 2019

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Guide: Camelina, September 2011

Guide for Producing Dryland Camelina in Eastern Colorado, Colorado State University Extension, July 2011

Camelina Production, South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service / USDA, May 2010

Spring Camelina Production Guide for the Central High Plains, Blue Sun Agriculture Research & Development, December 2009

Camelina Production in Montana, Montana State University Extension, March 2008

Oilseed Crops: Camelina, Oregon State University Extension Service, January 2008

Opportunities for Camelina Meal as a Livestock Feed Ingredient, Agriculture, January 2024 *Partially funded by VISION Bioenergy Oilseeds

Spring and Winter Camelina in South Dakota, South Dakota State University Extension, February 2022

Camelina oil could be economically feasible as source of commercial jet fuel, new OSU analysis shows, Oregon State University Extension, February 2017

Camelina Holds Promise for Biofuel and Bees, USDA AgResearch Magazine, November 2015

Camelina Production and Potential in Pennsylvania, Penn State University Extension, August 2010

An Experimental Study on the Performance, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics of a Direct-Injection Diesel Engine Fueled with Various Blends of Camelina Sativa Biodiesel, Engineering Proceedings, February 2024

Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz as a Promising Cover Crop Species with Allelopathic Potential, Agronomy, August 2023

Overwintering Camelina and Canola/Rapeseed Show Promise for Improving Integrated Weed Management Approaches in the Upper Midwestern U.S., Plants, March 2023

Valorization of camelina oil to biobased materials and biofuels for new industrial uses: a review, RSC Advances, October 2022

Cover Crops Influence Nutrient Cycling, Yield and Diseases of Corn & Soybean, South Dakota State University Extension, February 2022

Reaction of Camelina (Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz) to Different Foliar Fertilization, Agronomy, January 2021

Is Drought Stress Tolerance Affected by Biotypes and Seed Size in the Emerging Oilseed Crop Camelina?, Agronomy, November 2020

Metabolic Engineering a Model Oilseed Camelina sativa for the Sustainable Production of High-Value Designed Oils, Frontiers in Plant Science, February 2020

Camelina: Effects of Planting Date and Method on Stand Establishment and Seed Yield, Washington State University Extension, May 2014 *No need to purchase, click the ‘Download Now’ link for a pdf version

USDA RMA Resources

Summary of Changes for the Camelina Pilot Crop Provisions for the 2024 Crop Year, June 2023

Camelina (Pilot) Insurance Standards Handbook, 2024 and Succeeding Crop Years


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