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Grow Camelina

Add revenue from your idle acres with the new cash crop that improves soil health like a cover crop

Revenue & Soil Health

With camelina, you’re not only adding revenue from idle acres, you’re adopting regenerative practices to improve soil health and promote biodiversity.

The Future of Energy

Every acre of camelina directly supports the production of advanced biofuels, ensuring a more sustainable world for future generations.

Trusted Partners

You can trust in our Guaranteed 100% Offtake Agreement, backed by our strategic partnership with Shell, a global energy leader.

Versatile & Resilient

Camelina is a versatile and resilient broadleaf oilseed crop in the Brassica family. Its short growing season (90-120 days) fits well into any cropping system.

With both spring and winter varieties, camelina can be planted as a double-crop, cover crop, or fallow rotation and will thrive anywhere cereal grain can be grown.

Camelina performs well in all soil types with good drainage. It displays a strong tolerance to both drought and frost, and has no known insect or disease pressure.

Flexible & Efficient

No special equipment is needed to grow camelina. It is compatible with conventional small-grain equipment and accommodates all tillage practices from no-till to conventional.

Camelina is a low-input and drought-tolerant crop. It has a low fertility demand and thrives with 4-6″ of rainfall or 0.25-0.50 acre-foot of irrigation. Limited labeled crop protection options are currently available.

From planting to harvest, our expert agronomists will provide detailed guidance tailored to your geography and equipment setup, ensuring a successful outcome.

A Fully Integrated Program

Pioneering Genetics & Breeding

Our team of scientists and plant breeders are committed to developing next-generation camelina varieties designed to optimize yield and resilience to environmental challenges.

Superior Seed Production

We pride ourselves on rigorous seed production, conditioning, and treatment. Our state-of-the-art facility has strict quality measures to meet the highest standards.

Expert Agronomic Services

We provide expert agronomic guidance tailored to your geography and unique needs. This includes every step of the process from planting to crop protection and harvest techniques in order to optimize performance.

Assured Market Performance

We guarantee purchase of all grain produced, financially backed by our partnership with Shell. The grain is then crushed to extract oil that can be refined into biofuels and meal that can be fed as a highly nutritious animal feed.


We understand adopting a new crop comes with uncertainties. Our expert team is here to guide, support, and answer any questions. Contact us today!


JD Drennan

Production Manager
(405) 571-1160


Amanda Duvall

Production Agronomist
(405) 821-1555

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Guaranteed Offtake Agreement work?

The VISION Offtake Agreement guarantees purchase of all grain produced under the agreement at the specified price. This agreement is financially backed by our strategic alliance with Shell, a global energy leader.

Is crop insurance available for camelina?

Yes, crop insurance is available for camelina. The USDA RMA expanded crop insurance for camelina by allowing written agreements in select counties in Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.
For more information visit the USDA Risk Management Agency website or contact your local crop insurance agent.

What equipment and tillage practices are required to grow camelina?

No special equipment is required. All conventional equipment used in small-grain and rapeseed production and all tillage practices are compatible with camelina. VISION agronomists will provide detailed guidance tailored to your equipment setup.

Where are your grain storage facilities located? Who is responsible for transporting grain?

We have existing agreements with multiple storage locations across the United States. Growers are responsible for transportation to their closest location. Any required on-farm storage longer than 60 days will be compensated at standard storage rates.

What labeled crop protection and harvest aids are available for camelina?

Currently, there are limited labeled crop protection options: one pre-plant, two in-season for grasses, and two harvest aids. Starting in 2025, VISION will offer the first and only herbicide tolerant camelina, tolerant to over-the-top glufosinate for broad-spectrum control of both grass and broadleaf weeds.


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